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  Liner Specs

      Material Specifications
      • Smooth HDPE
      • Textured HDPE
      • Smooth LLDPE
      • Textured LLDPE
      • Inherent Properties



2.1 Materials

  1. The geomembrane shall be High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).
  2. Gasket material shall be neoprene, closed cell medium, 1/4 inch thick, 2 inches wide with adhesive on one side, as supplied by Poly-America, or other compatible gasket materials as required
  3. Metal battens or banding and hardware shall be stainless steel.
  4. Sealant shall be General Electric Silicone, RTV 103, or equivalent.

2.2 Geomembrane Raw Materials

The geomembrane shall be manufactured of polyethylene resins produced in the United States and shall be compounded and manufactured specifically for the intended purpose. The resin manufacturer shall certify each lot for the following properties.

The natural polyethylene resin without the carbon black shall meet the following requirements:

Property Test Method HDPE


ASTM D 1505, ASTM D 4883,
or ASTM D 792

0.932 - 0.940 0.915 - 0.926
Melt Index,g/10 min. ASTM D 1238 Condition E < 1.0 < 1.0

2.3 Rolls

The geomembrane shall be a minimum 23.0 ft seamless width, as manufactured by Poly-America (2000 W. Marshall Dr., Grand Prairie, TX 75051, 888-765-9359). Carbon black shall be added to the resin if the resin is not compounded for ultra-violet resistance.

The surface of the smooth geomembrane shall not have striations, roughness, pinholes, or bubbles.

The geomembrane shall be supplied in rolls. Labels on each roll shall identify the thickness of the material, the length and width of the roll, lot and roll numbers, and name of manufacturer.

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