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The properties listed in the table below are primarily inherent on the resin type used to produce the liner or are directly proportional to the thickness of the liner and less dependent on the manufacturing method. Therefore, these properties will not change from roll to roll or even lot to lot. Hence, they should not be included as part of routine quality control testing. The exception to this is Oxidative Induction Time. This test is a measurement of the amount of anti-oxidant added to the resin to produce the finished sheet. This test can function both as a performance test and a quality control test. As a quality control test it is desirable to run the test at high temperatures to keep the test duration short. This test is routinely run at the time of manufacture. As a performance test it is desirable to run the test at lower temperatures. Testing at lower temperatures cannot be done for quality control purposes.

The information given below is based on nominal values. Individual test results may vary from these values depending upon the reproducibility of the test.

Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D 6693 lb/ in2 110,000 45,000
Secant Modulus ASTM D 5323 lb/ in2 60,000 45,000
Volatile Loss ASTM D 1203 % 0.1 0.1
Dimensional Stability ASTM D 1204 % +/- 0.5 +/- 1.0
Water Absorption
(24 hr @ 23°C)
ASTM D 570 % change 0.1 0.1
Coefficient of LInear
(Thermal Expansion)
ASTM D 696 (cm/cm •   °c) 1.2 x 10-4 1.4 x 10 -4
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate
(100°C and 100% relative humidity)
ASTM E 96 g/
100 mil
    80 mil 0.20 0.25
    60 mil 0.26 0.33
    40 mil 0.39 0.45
    30 mil 0.50 0.57
Low Temperature Brittleness ASTM D 746 °F < -112 < -112
Oxidative Induction Time ASTM D 3895 minutes @ 200°C 100 100
    minutes @ 150°C 2000 2000
Multi-Axial Tension ASTM D 5617 stress, lb/in2 2200 1500
    strain, % 18 40+
Melt Index ASTM D 1238 g/10 minutes 0.20 0.20
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